.I discovered at about the age of seven how much I enjoyed drawing. As time went on drawing then lead to painting, then from there various other forms of creating such as sculpture etc.. I have to admit that creating had a very compelling pull on me. It made me feel as though drawing and painting was a special way of storytelling. I always felt challenged and learned something new with every project. I took nearly every high school art class they offered including giving up my summers to attend classes that were not given during the regular school year. The teachers over the years were very close to the core of my developing my skills. They encouraged and believed in me. I attended college for graphic design. I worked for 5 or so years as a designer but felt my creative nature was best suited for fine arts. I also taught for The Contemporary Arts Museum to grade school students in a gifted and talented program for a short period while living in Houston, Texas. My desire and love for art has taken me down many roads which I believe have served to grow me and educate me further. I think that most importantly I have learned how to serve others with what I love to do. It brings great joy to be able to create a piece of art for someone and see their happiness when hanging the art in their home, or workplace. Most of my inspiration comes from nature, seeing large wonderful landscapes to the tiniest flower often helps me to respond on canvas. Being able to display the emotions of ‘ What a beautiful world we live in ! ‘ Is a way of gifting back. I do as well believe that God has gifted us all with a purpose, something that we can give, something that we can do for the larger community around us. I believe that I found my purpose at that young age of 7, and have enjoyed serving as a professional artist for nearly 45 yrs. I am married and have 3 wonderful adult children whom also are artists, plus 5 beautiful grandchildren who are mini aspiring artists. My husband and I lived in Texas with our Siberian Husky Ivann for the last 11 years. Recently we moved back to New York State and are in the process of building a new home and studio. Another adventure for the books. We are already being inspired by the beauty of the Adirondacks, where I’ll draw my inspiration from in this next chapter. Hope you will stay connected to see where it will lead me in my work.

____Denise T. Armstrong


A Few Projects...